Greenwich Council

Meeting attendance.

Monday, 17th September, 2018 7.00 pm, Overview and Scrutiny

Venue:   Committee Room 4 - Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6PW

Contact:    Veronica Johnson
Email: or tel: 020 8921 5004

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Chris Lloyd Chair Present
Councillor John Fahy Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Clive Mardner Committee Member Present
Councillor Mark James Committee Member Present
Councillor Adel Khaireh Committee Member Present
Councillor Gary Parker Committee Member Present
Councillor Ivis Williams Committee Member Present
Councillor Spencer Drury Committee Member Present
Councillor Matt Hartley Committee Member Apologies
Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Community and Corporate Services Guest In attendance
Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and the Third Sector Guest In attendance
Assistant Director Commissioning and Resources (Children's Services) Officer
Director of Communities and Environment Officer In attendance
Director of Health and Adult Social Care Officer
Assistant Director Communications and Democratic Services (Communities and Environment) Officer
Assistant Director Employment and Skills (Regeneration Enterprise and Skills) Officer
Senior Assistant Director Inclusion, Learning and Achievement (Children's Services) Officer
Head of Human Resources Officer
Head of Corporate Governance and Democratic Services Officer In attendance
Principle Allocations Officer Officer
Councillor Tonia Ashikodi Guest In attendance
Councillor David Gardner Guest In attendance
Corporate Governance Officer Clerk In attendance