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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Council Chief Whip, Deputy Chief Whip, Leader of the Opposition and Opposition Party Whip ref: 25622/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Delegations and Executive Responsibilities ref: 25522/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Appointment of Cabinet Members ref: 25422/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Appointment of representatives to Outside Bodies ref: 25722/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 25322/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Appointment of Members to Member level bodies and the appointment of Chairs and Vice-Chairs ref: 26022/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Appointment of Deputy Mayor ref: 25222/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Establishment of Committees to deal with matters which are neither reserved to the Council nor are executive functions ref: 25822/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Election of Mayor ref: 25122/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
Outline Calendar of Meetings of the Council and other Member-level bodies for the municipal year ref: 25922/05/202422/05/2024Not for call-in
14 Froissart Rd, Eltham, London, SE9 6QQ Ref: 24-0489-F ref: 11923/04/202423/04/2024Not for call-in
Car Park Rear of 370-380 Footscray Rd, SE9 Ref: 23-3034F ref: 11823/04/202423/04/2024Not for call-in
Decisions on Executive Functions taken under Urgency Procedures ref: 26927/03/202427/03/2024Not for call-in
Proposed Changes to the Constitution ref: 26827/03/202427/03/2024Not for call-in
Members' Allowances Scheme 2024-2025 ref: 26727/03/202427/03/2024Not for call-in
Pay Policy Statement for 2024-2025 ref: 26627/03/202427/03/2024Not for call-in
Land bounded by Nathan Way, Pettman Crescent and Hadden Road, and intersected by Western Way, London SE28 - Ref: 23/3862/R ref: 26519/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Land bounded by Nathan Way, Pettman Crescent and Hadden Road, and intersected by Western Way, London SE28 - Ref: 23/3851/NM ref: 26419/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
10 Orangery Lane, Eltham, London, SE9 1HN - Ref: 22/2202/F ref: 26319/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
21-23 Pound Place, Eltham, London. SE9 5DN - Ref: 20/2639/F ref: 26219/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
Land including the former Community Building at Richmount Gardens, London SE3 9AE - Ref: 23/0890/F ref: 26119/03/202419/03/2024Not for call-in
1-18 Shepherds Leas, 135 Riefield Road, Eltham,London, SE9 2RD – Ref: 23/0984/F ref: 25016/04/202416/04/2024Not for call-in
Kidbrooke Village, Phase 5, Building A & B and South Cator Park, Kidbrooke, London, SE3 9YG - Ref: 23/3976/ ref: 22021/05/202421/05/2024Not for call-in
Enderby Place, Telcon Way, Greenwich, London, SE10 0AG - Ref: 23/3911/F ref: 21921/05/202421/05/2024Not for call-in
GS Plus Ltd and GSS Ltd – Annual Report 2022/23 and Interim Report 2023/24 ref: 24824/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Local Area Energy Plan - RBG Participation ref: 24724/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Royal Borough of Greenwich Strategic Risk Register ref: 24624/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Carbon Neutral Plan – New Action Plan to 2025 and 2030 ref: 24524/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Greenwich Builds Years 2 and 3 - Sites for consideration for development ref: 24424/01/202431/01/2024Call-in expired
Council Tax Base 2024/25 ref: 24324/01/202424/01/2024Not for call-in
Adoption of New Corporate Complaint Policy ref: 24920/05/202425/05/20240
Maintenance Term Contract – Fabric - Extension ref: 23116/05/202423/05/2024Call-in expired
Household Support Fund 2024 ref: 22916/05/202423/05/2024Call-in expired
Report on the Morris Walk North Management Company ref: 22815/05/202422/05/2024Call-in expired
Contract Standing Orders - Exemptions / Variations (1 July 2023- 31 December 2023) ref: 22715/05/202422/05/2024Call-in expired
Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme ref: 22615/05/202422/05/2024Call-in expired
Approval of revisions to the Royal Borough of Greenwich Housing Allocations Scheme ref: 22513/03/202420/03/2024Call-in expired
Adoption of the Greenwich Inclusive Economy Strategy ref: 22413/03/202420/03/2024Call-in expired
Housing Our Greenwich – Review of Council residential assets and development of a programme of Estate Regeneration ref: 22213/03/202420/03/2024Call-in expired
Submission of CIL Draft Charging Schedule for Examination in Public ref: 22113/03/202420/03/2024Call-in expired
10-year Regeneration Plan (2024 to 2034) ref: 22313/03/202420/03/2024Call-in expired
Garages Adjacent to 2, King William Lane, Greenwich, London, SE10 9UA - Ref 23/2954/F ref: 21209/05/202409/05/2024Not for call-in
26 Kidbrooke Gardens, Kidbrooke, London SE3 0PD - Ref 23/3807/HD ref: 21409/05/202409/05/2024Not for call-in
47-53 Woolwich Road, London, SE10 0RA - Ref 22/0993/F ref: 21309/05/202409/05/2024Not for call-in
Unit C12 Victoria Parade and Surface and Underground Parking Spaces, New Capital Quay, Dowells Street, London, SE10 9DD - Ref 22/2931/F / 22/2932/A ref: 21509/05/202409/05/2024Not for call-in
Ward Budget - Ready, Set…Basecamp! ref: 21813/05/202418/05/2024Call-in expired
Ward Budget - Litter Picking in East Greenwich Ward ref: 21713/05/202418/05/2024Call-in expired