Greenwich Council

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22/03/2018 - Motion - "The Principle of Community Led Housing"

Resolved –


The Royal Borough of Greenwich supports the principle of Community Led Housing (CLH) and welcomes the Housing Commission report recently published by the Co-operative Councils Innovation Network (CCIN). The Housing Market and national policies are failing to meet the needs of those in the greatest housing need. The Council is committed to harness the energy, commitment and resources in the community.


The Council:


Recognises the growing contribution of Meridian Home Start to our genuinely affordable housing offer and sees the value of CLH working in potential partnership;


Will develop practical responses to help support and encourage CLH including providing help and guidance for the identification of appropriate sites and work with all housing providers to achieve our objective;


Will work with CLH schemes to identify opportunities to contribute to affordable Housing delivery within the area;


Will work with CCIN and other Local Authorities involved in similar projects and will commit the Council to signing the CCIN’s pledge on CLH.