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Closure of Northern end of Colomb Street, Greenwich - Response to a Petition

The Committee to note and comment on petition response relating to inconsiderate driving, parking and the current traffic conditions in the northern section of Colomb Street, SE10, including speeding vehicles and some recent road crashes, which is to be submitted to Full Council on 26 June 2019.


The Committee received an illustrative presentation to the report by the Traffic Group Manager in relation to a petition containing twenty-eight signatures, submitted on behalf of residents by Councillor Chris Lloyd to the meeting of full Council on 27 February 2019.  It was recognised that residents were requesting the Council to prioritise consultation, in order to expedite proposed works to close the north end of Colomb Street, on the assumption that funding becomes available.


A resident addressed the meeting, advising that he was supportive of the petition as himself, together with his neighbours, were concerned about excessive volume and speed of traffic on the northern side of Columb Street.  The Committee heard that although the entrance to the north of Columb Street was via Christ Church Way, residents continued to observe cars and vans passing through to other areas via the wrong direction, in contravention to highway rules.  Thus, there had been several complaints, with photographic evidence to the Council by residents to highlight concerns about inconsiderate driving, parking, and speeding in the area.


The resident continued by informing the Committee that the problems had been heightened by an increase in the number of recorded incidents of damage caused to parked vehicles by through-traffic. It was stated that some people had resorted to parking on pavements, in order to minimise risks of damage to their vehicles by passing traffic.  The hazard was endangering the safety of pedestrians, and the potential for collisions between vehicles and with cyclists was inevitable.  Thus, the Council should grant the petition request.  Notwithstanding that, the Committee should recommend that the Council take temporary measures to alleviate residents’ concerns.


In response to questions raised, the Traffic Group Manager advised the Committee that a temporary closure of the northern end of Columb Street could exacerbate the current situation.  Thus, the Council would use the outcomes from the Traffic Reduction Commission (TRC) exercise to assess the implications in the environmental surrounds, with a view to implement a long-term solution to residents’ concerns.  Notwithstanding that, residents could apply for funding under the “Play Street Scheme” (PSS)).


The Assistant Director confirmed to the Committee that the PSS programme was a six-month’s pilot, and that the deadline for applying for the funds had lapsed.  It was stated that the Council had not decided whether it wants to continue with the PSS programme.  Thus, the preferred option outlined in the report to commence work after assessing outcomes from the TRC exercise remained the viable solution to the traffic problems at and around Colomb Street.  The Committee was advised that the estimated cost for the proposed works was £30,000.


In considering submissions made at the meeting, the Committee expressed satisfaction that a holistic approach to the petition request would most likely address residents’ concerns about traffic violation along the northern end of Columb Street and surrounding areas.  The Commitee


Resolved –


1.               The petition requesting the Council to prioritise consultation, so that the proposed works to close the north end of Colomb Street is brought forward, on the assumption that funding becomes available, be noted.


2.               That it be noted that the petition response, as set out in the report, would be reported to full Council on 26 June 2019.

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