Greenwich Council

Agenda item.

Questions from Members

a.      To receive written responses to questions submitted by Members in line with procedure Rule A1.38.

b.      Up to 10 minutes will be allowed for Members questions.



The Mayor stated that 37 written questions had been received from Members of the Council.  The questions and replies, together with the supplementary submissions made during the meeting are attached as Appendix B to the minutes.


Under procedures for oral questions, the Mayor invited questions to Members of the Cabinet for response.


Councillor Mehboob Khan raised with the Cabinet Member for Growth and Strategic Development the issue of the now longer time envisaged for the replacement of the cladding on the buildings at New Capital Quay and asked if he and the Leader of the Council could again use their influence with Galliard and their agents to try and progress the matter. The Cabinet Member for Growth and Strategic Development thanked the Greenwich West Ward Councillors for their work on the matter. He commented that the Council sought that the cladding be removed or replaced with something suitable at no cost to the resident. He agreed that they needed to get all the key stakeholders together and see if they could progress the matter in a sensible way and look for a solution that worked for everyone.


Councillor Matt Hartley asked the Leader of the Council if the Labour group had recently used a consultant from the LGA and if so who had paid for it. The Leader of the Council commented that if they were talking about the Labour group then he would highlight that the Labour group had brought forward the biggest single council housebuilding programme, had closed off streets outside schools and recommissioned the whole of the voluntary sector in 10 months, and he invited the Leader of the opposition to watch what they would do over the next four years.


Councillor Matt Hartley, Leader of the Minority Party, objected to an allusion made by the Leader of the Councillor to one of the written questions from Councillor Pat Greenwell and indicated it was perceived that her comments were generally treated inappropriately; he felt that all members of this Council should be treated with respect. Councillor Pat Greenwell requested an apology from Councillor Danny Thorpe. Councillor Danny Thorpe, Leader of the Majority Party, apologised for any offence that was caused, and affirmed that Councillor Greenwell’s contributions to Council were valued.


Councillor Matt Hartley suggested to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources that there was an army of bailiffs operating in the borough, and he asked if she would consider what Hammersmith and Fulham had done which was to end bailiff use for council tax collection. The Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources confirmed that they were aware of the Hammersmith and Fulham scheme and that Officers were looking into it. The Cabinet Member added that there had been a decrease in the current year in the use of bailiffs in Greenwich.


Councillor Charlie Davis asked the Leader of the Council about when the lease between Greenwich Council and Blackheath rugby club would commence. The Leader of the Council replied that the lease had definitely been signed, there had been a meeting with residents, people were working through a few issues but it was all moving forward.

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