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Agenda item.

Adult Social Care Performance

This report sets out key issues in Adult Social Care and offers an approach to performance management and oversight.





The Director of Health and Adult Social Care presented the report. He asked the Panel to consider the information provided and to use this to explore which areas they would like to scrutinise for the future work programme. The work was split in to six key headings: Integration, Budget and Costs, Safeguarding, Market and Quality, Benchmarking and Workforce.


Under Integration, he said that there was value, but no evidence of cost reduction, it was more the quality of patient care improved. In respect of Budget and Costs, he advised that there were significant cost pressures for social care. Budget information would be incorporated in to Transformation reporting.

Action: Director of Health and Adult Social Care


For Safeguarding, he said that there were six cases currently under review. The reviews looked at failure of care, which were the result of a range of issues. This did not include suicide and deaths in hospital. Procedures allowed where concerns were raised - ongoing monitoring, embargo and stopping of placements, or termination of contract.


He continued that Workforce was a critical issue, given the effect of Brexit on care worker numbers.


A member of the public drew attention to the reasons for the difficulties of recruitment, including conditions and wages. He  highlighted the need for a skilled and stable work force.




That the Panel noted the report on Adult Social Care Performance.

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