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Safety improvements at Angerstein Gyratory following cycling fatalities - Response to a Petition

To note and comment upon the petition response presented in this report which is to be submitted to Full Council on 30 January 2019.




The Committee received an illustrative presentation by the Traffic Group Manager in relation to a petition containing 1863 signatures, submitted on behalf of residents by Councillor Stephen Brain to the meeting of Council on 31 October 2018.   The Committee noted that the petitioners were requesting works to make Woolwich Road Junction safe for cyclists and pedestrians.


In addressing the meeting, a representative of Greenwich Cyclists (GCs) stated that the junction around the Woolwich Road bypass was dangerous due to its poor design.  Thus, cyclists and pedestrians’ lives were at risk of collusion with vehicles.  The Committee heard that parents with children attending a school in the vicinity had also expressed concerns about vehicles not adhering to traffic stop light signals at the crossing on the slip road from the A206 to the A102 southbound of the junction.  Thus, in its work with officials at Transport for London (TfL) on road safety matters, GCs were requesting that the Council reconsider its plans to downgrade the Woolwich Road junction from its ‘Safer Junctions’ programme following the recent death of a second cyclists at the Woolwich Road Junction. The representative commented that efforts to alleviate GCs concerns were imminent, particularly in light of the opening of the IKEA store in Charlton, and the operation of the proposed Silver Town Tunnel.


The Committee also heard from two residents who echoed concerns similar to those of the GC’s representative spoke earlier on in the meeting, expressing concerns for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians at and around the Woolwich Road Junction.  The Committee was advised that improvements to the westbound approach of Woolwich Road roundabout could include arrangements for cyclists to move 10 seconds earlier at traffic lights, and increased moving area for cyclists by implementing zigzag signs at the edge going eastbound from the junction.  Other suggestions included the erection of flexible marker poles alongside cycling lanes, the erection of expanded signage to divert drivers of High Goods’ Vehicles (HGV) away from Angerstein Gyratory.  The residents also suggested to the Committee that efforts should be made to repaint road markings in the area, with a view to make them more visible to users.


In response to questions raised, the Assistant Director (Transportation) advised the Committee that plans to review traffic movements at the Woolwich Road roundabout was a priority.  It was stated that the Council was working with TfL officials to develop a design aimed at minimising risk of accidents to cyclists and pedestrians.  However, in the event of any delay, the Council would consider dealing with elements of the scheme, and was willing to consider residents’ views in the process.


The Committee noted submissions made at the meeting, and was pleased that the Council would be working with GCs and other interested parties to get the best out of proposed designs for improving safety in the area of concern.


The Committee


Resolved –


1.              That the petition requesting works to “Make Woolwich Road Junction Safe”, be noted.


2.              That the petition response, which will be submitted to Full Council at the next available opportunity, be noted.

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