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Traffic conditions in Upwood Road Area at the boundary with LB Lewisham - Response to a Petition

To note and comment upon the petition response presented in this report which is to be submitted to Full Council on 30 January 2019.





The Committee received an illustrative presentation by the Traffic Group Manager in relation to a petition containing 133 signatures, 54 and 79 respectively from residents within the Royal Borough of Greenwich (Royal Borough), and the London Borough of Lewisham (LBL).  It was noted that Councillor Mark James submitted the petition on behalf of residents to the meeting of Council on 31 October 2018.  The petition highlighted concerns about traffic congestion, pollution, road safety and parking in the area bounded by Eltham Road, Sidcup Road, Westhorne Avenue and Burnt Ash Hill. 


In response to questions raised, the Group Traffic Manager advised Members that there were significant traffic attractors in the areas of concern, including a.m. and p.m. school-run activities at Colfes School, which had site access points on Horn Park Lane and Upwood Road.  However, the Royal Borough was working with officials at Transport for London (TfL) and the LBL to mitigate ways to ease the flow of traffic.  It was confirmed that the discussions aimed to deliver parking controls in the Upwood Road at the earliest opportunity, and a possible extension of CPZ’s in Kidbrooke area bounded by A20 Eltham Road, Sidcup Road, A205 Westhourne Avenue and Burnt Ash Road, subject to satisfactory consultation outcomes and statutory requirements.


Councillor Mark James declared a personal interest as an employee of TfL in his address at the meeting on behalf of residents in the Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward.  Councillor James expressed a disappointment that the Travel Plan agreed with the developer in relation to Colfes School seemed not to be effective.  Councillor James stated that it was however a welcomed relief to learn that the Royal Borough was working with officials at TfL and LBL to alleviate residents’ concerns.


A resident also addressed the meeting, advising that he welcomed the proposals, and was willing to share data during the proposed consultation exercise in relation to parking, road safety, and pollution in the areas of concern.  The resident advised the Committee that the implementation of the proposals in the report was imminent, following the announcement of the Mayor of London’s climate change emergency agenda.


In light of a concern, the Group Traffic Manager informed the Committee and that the Council intended to include the petition as part of the documentation to TfL in order to demonstrate the need and demand for the project, in particular that the scale of the works would be dependent on the outcome of the proposed bid. 


It was the view of the Committee that the recommendations proposed would likely alleviate residents’ concerns.  The Committee also welcomed information from the Traffic Group Manager that concerns raised during the implementation of any proposed work would be taken into account for action during a trial period of six months, with a view to submit a progress report later in the year. 


The Committee


Resolved –


1.              That the petition requesting that the Royal Borough of Greenwich work collaboratively with officials at the London Borough of Lewisham and Transport for London agency to resolve a range of traffic problems across the two boroughs, be noted.


2.              That the petition response, which will be summarised and reported to Council at the next available opportunity, be noted.

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