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Community Led Regeneration Review - Evidence Gathering (Officer Report)

To note the Officer Report addressing items 3.2 – 3.5 of the review project statement.





The report was presented and summarised by the AD Planning and Building Control who confirmed it provided information relating to points 3.2 – 3.5 of the project statement for the Community Led Regeneration review which commenced at the last meeting of the Panel. She advised on the Project Group visit to the University College London – Planning Development Unit which provided an international perspective into community led regeneration. She also reminded Members of the upcoming Lee Forum meeting on Neighbourhood Forums.


In addressing the meeting, Councillor David Stanley gave a background into the review and stated that a Project Officer would be in place to do follow-up work. He added that a final report would be submitted to the Panel with more focus and recommendations in April.


The Panel was addressed by the community group representatives who were members of the review project group. They were happy with the membership of the group which included Councillors, Senior Officers and community group representatives however, noted that the review required officer support in the form of a project officer.


The representatives noted that planning viability assessment training had been provided to officers and Councillors and suggested that this could be rolled out to community groups. They stated that the Officer responses to the community group submissions detailed the current status of regeneration in the Borough and there was more work to be done in highlighting the main themes and concerns raised. They added that the review should not just be limited to planning and working within a statutory planning framework but also look at how the Council could enhance the regeneration process as a whole.


The AD Planning and Building confirmed that the Greater London Authority (GLA) was taking a more active role in the determination of planning applications highlighting a recent Greenwich decision where the GLA had intervened. She added that community challenge of that decision showed the GLA were open to listening when administering their granted powers.


The Panel was addressed by the Chair of the Positive Plumstead Project who requested more definitions and clarity of planning terms for members of the public to enable them to better understand the process. She added that meetings of the Planning Board should be made viewable online similar to Full Council meetings and other local authorities. That consultation with the local community was left to the developer and the planning department had no ability to enforce this. The AD Planning and Building Control confirmed that pre-application discussions were not compulsory and can therefore only encourage developers to partake, adding that most were willing to do this.


Panel Members agreed with the view of the community groups on developer engagement and suggested that the legislative guidelines benefit the developer.


A member of the local press mentioned a document containing definitions of Social Housing terms that was taken to a Housing and Anti-Povery Scrutiny Panel and stated it was really useful and could be used to inform the review. he suggested a more easy to read version could be provided to the public to assist with their understanding.


The Chair thanked those present for their participation.



Resolved –


That the report be noted






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