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Agenda item.

Update on Eltham Community Hospital


The Chair agreed to take as an urgent item, a briefing on the current position on the Eltham Community Hospital had been circulated to Members and he asked the Managing Director, GCCG to say a few words. 


The following was outlined by the Managing Director, GCCG:


There are two units currently in operation at Eltham Community Hospital;

·        The Community Assessment Unit (CAU) – 10 beds

·        The Greenwich Intermediate Care Unit (GICU) – 20 beds.


Both units offer step-up and step-down pathways for patients requiring a period of care and rehabilitation to prevent admission or before their return home following discharge.


In July, it was agreed that the location of chair-based comprehensive geriatric assessment service would change from Eltham Community Hospital to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). This move ensures that all demand goes through one place (the ambulatory care centre at QEH) and consolidates the geriatrician resource required to complete these assessments at QEH. Chair-based comprehensive geriatric assessment moved to QEH on July 30th.


In August, a proposal to merge the GICU and CAU into a 30-bedded integrated unit was approved by Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Financial Recovery Board. As a result of this approval, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust began a consultation with their staff across both units to enable them to work towards the consolidation of the workforce onto one unit.


The formal consultation with staff was launched on 17 August 2018 for a period of 30 days, closing on 16 September 2018. Posts are affected in three ways; due to a proposed change to working practice or shift patterns, or because the post is at risk due to a higher number of posts being in place at a particular grade than will be required to run the new unit.


10.6 WTE posts are affected in that there are more staff in post than posts available. These staff will need to undergo a competitive interview selection process. Oxleas are committed to avoiding redundancies by actively seeking suitable alternative employment for staff affected. If this is not possible using the posts currently available within Oxleas’ structure, then both Oxleas and the CCG are fully committed to facilitating discussions with partners, including Lewisham and Greenwich Trust, to find alternative employment for affected staff.


Plan for Winter 18/19 - From October 1 2018, there will be one 30-bedded unit at Eltham Community Hospital which can provide step-up and step-down support for adults (mostly frail elders). The beds will be referred to as Eltham Community Beds at Eltham Community Hospital.


The unit will continue to offer step-up and step-down pathways for patients requiring intermediate care to avoid patients going into the acute hospital unnecessarily and to support the transition of patients from hospital to home.


Eltham Community Beds will have single admission criteria, with a focus on preventing admission, readmission and reducing acute lengths of stay. Patients requiring the following support will be accepted;


Sub-acute care– for patients who are clinically stable but require short term on-going inpatient medial, therapy or nursing care

Inpatient rehabilitation – for patients with rehabilitation potential but requiring 24 hour nursing care/monitoring to enable their rehabilitation to take place.


The unit will have one integrated team of nurses, therapists, care coordinators and doctors providing a continuum of support for a range of patients. The unit will have one access criteria and one performance dashboard.


In response to Member questions, the Managing Director of the Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG) informed Members that the make-up of the 10.5 staff outlined was not known and that staff consultation is to take place across the board as opportunities that arise would be for all staff. 


Resolved –


That the update on Eltham Community Hospital be noted.