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Children and Young People Plan Quarter 4 2016/17 and Quarter 1 2017/18 Performance Monitor


 To note the position as at the end of Q4, 2016/17 and how this informed the Children and Young People Plan 2017-2020.


The Assistant Director introduced the report to the Panel, outlining the position at the end of the 2014-2017 Children & Young People Plan. She also provided an overview of the 2017-20 Plan and highlighted the performance from the first quarter of its delivery.


The Panel noted the report.


In response to questions raised, the Assistant Director confirmed there is a strategy in development with Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services, to support schools and other educational practitioners, to reduce fixed term exclusions of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. She added that this will consider the children’s behaviour in a holistic manor and offered examples of other boroughs providing best practice.


The Panel requested information on Off-Rolling to be brought to a future meeting as this had been an issue raised in the Fairness Commission. It was agreed this will be included within the education achievement report which is coming to a Panel in February 2018.

Action: DCS


With regards to Educational health and Care Plans, the Director confirmed that a Designated Medical Officer had been appointed and that workers were committed to engaging with parents to provide a quality service in a timely manner. She added the there was a mini restructure in the Special Educational Needs & Disability team.

The Panel noted that this was an area of concern and requested an update of performance to be brought to a future meeting of the Panel. It was agreed that an item would be programmed into 2018/19 work programme.

Action: DCE


 The Panel raised concerns over the increased obesity rates in year 6 and asked how the Fairness Commission findings on childhood obesity will be used to address issues for disadvantaged children and families. The Director confirmed that updates will be brought to future meetings.

Action: DCS


The Assistant Director added that there is unlikely to be a quick turnaround in the figures as it had taken decades to reach the current point and that obesity is a concern for the Borough population as whole. She continued that the Obesity Action Plan sits under the Health & Well-Being strategy and will address issues such as family, lifestyles and diet.


In relation to youth justice, Members raised concerns over the first time entrants figures and the high rates compared to the London average. The Director confirmed that many of these young people had not been on the authority’s radar and there is work underway around identification and early intervention which includes; working with the Early Help & Safeguarding teams to cross reference the data on exclusions and concerning behaviour towards others.


In response to a question, the Assistant Director confirmed that the CCG leads on perinatal mental health and that Childrens Centres and Public health nursing provide additional support and identify mothers who are at risk i.e. Maternal Mood Assessment. She added that Mums Aid is provided funding and commissioned in a number of our Children’s Centres.


With regards to respiratory and asthma conditions, Members asked if mapping highlighting hotspots of asthma and respiratory cases was available. The Assistant Director confirmed that the information on cases was held by the CCG and the Hospitals however the Mayor has been looking at the areas of higher air pollution within the Borough and schools within these areas are being audited through the London Mayor initiative which will assist in identifying ways to reduce the impact of air pollution. The Director agreed to raise this issue at a forthcoming Health and Well-Bring Board.

Action: DCS

The Panel requested information on school procedures in supporting students who are asthma sufferers.

Action: DCS


Resolved –

The Panel Noted the performance of the Children & Young People Plan


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