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Outcome of Public Health Nursing Commissioning

To note the outcome of the commissioning process for the Public Health Nursing contract.


The report was presented by the Head of Joint Commissioning and the Chair of The Greenwich Young Peoples Council who provided an update on the commissioning process for the Public Health Nursing Contract.


The Head of Joint Commissioning explained that a new contract would run from 1 September until 31 March 2020, with an option to extend the contract for a further two years, subject to performance and availability of funding had been awarded to Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. There had been ten Expressions of Interest but only one bid received, from Oxleas, which had been evaluated by both an Officer’s Panel and a Young People’s Panel.


The Panel queried why there had only been one bid following ten Expressions of Interest. The Joint Head of Commissioning replied that there were only a limited number of bodies in this market and that service providers tended to be other NHS Trusts, although there were some private companies at the Expression of Interest stage.


In response to a question about the pricing model, the Joint Head of Commissioning explained that the applicant had to submit an extensive schedule detailing costs and Value for Money of their frontline delivery in order to score the 25% weighting.


The Chair of GYPC described how she and five other members of the GYPC had taken part in a mystery shopping exercise, undertaken training regarding assessing bids and interviewed Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, scored their bid, and provided input as to what was good and bad in the bid, and had given feedback. For example; the GYPC Panel agreed that the use of Instagram was not a good idea as it focusses on images so was not a good tool for providing information on the service.


The Head of Joint Commissioning said that following the contract award a phased mobilisation of the new service was underway, which included a reorganisation to remodel the service and ensure that communication of the changes were made to parents, children, schools, Children’s Centres and GPs.


The Panel asked how performance would be monitored and what penalties would be put in place if the service did not perform as expected. The Joint Head of Commissioning replied that Performance Indicators would be employed and quarterly monitoring reports would be undertaken. Feedback would also be sought from the young commissioners and from Healthwatch. The provider would be set actions and deadlines to improve any service problems.


The Panel questioned what level of risk assessment would be carried out. The Joint Head of Commissioning said that service users would be involved, Healthwatch would be asked to feedback and the onus would be for young people to own the assessment process.


The Panel asked that information be provided on how young people will monitor and assess the commissioned services.

Action: Director of Children’s Services


The Panel asked for clarification of what the Year 11 and 13 Touchpoints were, being delivered by Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT).The Touchpoints referred to were for example; birth, breastfeeding, health visiting services, immunisation, transition from primary to secondary, sexual health and sexuality throughout life from 0-19 years. Oxleas had the contract for the health visitor and school nurse service and CACT were subcontracted to provide the other youth elements of the contract.


The Panel asked to receive a mid-contract progress report to a future Panel meeting.

Action: Director of Children’s Services


The Panel requested that Children’s Services checked whether independent schools in the Borough had been approached about the service, to ensure that they were aware of it and were providing it to their pupils even if not by this contract.

Action: Director Children’s Services


Resolved -


That the report setting out the outcome of the commissioning process for the Public Health Nursing contract be noted.




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