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No. Item


Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence from Members of the Panel.


Apologies for absence were received for Councillors Tonia Ashikodi and Ian Hawkins.


Urgent Business

The Chair to announce any items of urgent business circulated separately from the main agenda.


There was no urgent business.


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 37 KB

Members to declare any personal and financial interests in items on the agenda.  Attention is drawn to the Council’s Constitution; the Council’s Code of Conduct and associated advice.

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Resolved –


That the list of Councillors’ memberships as Council appointed representatives on outside bodies, joint committees and school governing bodies be noted.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 71 KB

Members are requested to confirm as an accurate record the Minutes of the meeting held on [DATE].


No motion or discussion may take place upon the Minutes except as to their accuracy, and any question on this point will be determined by a majority of the Members of the body attending who were present when the matter in question was decided.  Once confirmed, with or without amendment, the person presiding will sign the Minutes.


Resolved -


That the minutes of the meeting of the Community Safety and Environment Scrutiny Panel held on 24 April 2019 be agreed and signed as a true and accurate record.


2019/20 Work Programme Schedule pdf icon PDF 62 KB

The Panel is asked to note and agree the attached draft schedule for the Community Safety and Environment (CSE) Scrutiny Panel work programme for 2019-2020, as set out in Appendix 1 and to consider the scope of forthcoming reports and specify any detailed requirements.

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The Chair advised the Panel that it was possible to remove items or move them to a new date, within reason, but any new items proposed would need to be put to the Chair of Overview & Scrutiny and Chief Executive for agreement.  Consideration would also need to be given to the feasibility of the time available to the Panel to conduct proper scrutiny.


The Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Community Safety addressed the Panel proposing that the Greenwich RESET item be moved to a later point in the programme, as November may be too close to its establishment to provide meaningful data. 


The Assistant Director of Community Safety & Environment confirmed that the Police’s 3-Borough merger and Safer Neighbourhood Board items, scheduled for February 2020, could be taken at the November Meeting.


The Scrutiny Panel Members indicated agreement to this proposal and that the Work Programme be amended accordingly.

Action: Corporate Governance


With regards to the next upcoming meetings the Chair advised 10 Parks Friends Groups representatives had been invited to the meeting of 25 July 2019.  These were a mix of long standing Groups and new Groups and covered the whole Borough.  He requested that Members advise the Corporate Governance Officer, by Thursday 4 July of the details of any Friends Groups representatives they wish to be invited.


Further, that if Members had any specific questions or areas they wish officer to address or put to the Friends representatives to email them to him and the Corporate Governance Officer by Friday 12 July.


A Member proposed that an invitation be extended to the Friends of Bostall Gardens.

Action: Corporate Governance


In respect of the September meeting, which would be considering a report on Hate Crime, it was proposed that a number of representatives be invited, as set out on the work programme.  If Members had suggestions of appropriate invitees, beyond those proposed, they should email the Corporate Governance Officer with the details by Friday 28 July.


Resolved –


That the Community Safety & Environment Work Programme 2019-20 be agreed with the following amendments;

·       The Police’s 3-Borough merger be considered at Meeting 4 – 28 November 2019

·       Safer Neighbourhood Board be considered at Meeting 4 – 28 November 2019

·       Greenwich RESET be considered at Meeting 5 – 27 February 2020


CCTV Scrutiny Scoping Report pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To note the supporting information to inform their decision as to the scope of the report into CCTV use and operation within the Borough.


To seek confirmation of the aim and scope of the review into the Royal Borough of Greenwich CCTV services across the Borough, as set out in the In-Depth Scrutiny review – Project Statement, and seek comment on and agreement of the methodology to be used and the timescales envisaged including the leadership and support arrangements for the In-Depth Scrutiny.

Additional documents:


The Head of Parking advised the Committee that the London Council had approved the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s (RBG) approach to the use of CCTV for Highway Infringements.  The Full Council meeting in July will determine the Resolution to Adopt Powers to Undertake Enforcement of Traffic Contraventions by CCTV.


The Chair advised that it was for the Panel, with guidance from Officers, to decide how they wish to focus the review and what aspects of the service they wish to Scrutinise, given that they must meet the Four Principles of Good Public Scrutiny

1. Providing a ‘critical friend’ challenge

2. Reflecting the voice and concerns of the public

3. Taking the lead and owning the scrutiny process

4. Making an impact on the delivery of public services


The Chair proposed that a working group of Members be agreed to consider the scope of the review and method of evidence gathering to inform the Panel’s scrutiny of CCTV provision.  The Corporate Governance Officer confirmed that an initial meeting of the Members working group, would be arranged as well as a meeting between the Members working group and officers to discuss the process for the review.

Action: Corporate Governance Officer


The Chair confirmed to Councillor J. Smith, Cabinet Member for Children's Services and Community Safety, that the scrutiny would consider all RBG CCTV provision, including in parks and cemeteries.


The Panel raised that the mapping of hot-spots for various forms of anti-social-behaviour, be that fly-tipping, drug dealing / use or violent disorder be mapped so that comparisons between perception and fact could be established.  The Assistant Director of Community Safety & Environment confirmed that this information could be supplied, as part of the review and include details of the use of the Mobile CCTV.

Action: AD of Community Safety & Environment


Resolved –


That Councillor Khaireh, Cousins and Hills would form the members of the Scrutiny Members working group and would establish the scope of the review and method of evidence gathering to inform the Panel’s scrutiny of CCTV provision.


Action Monitoring Introduction pdf icon PDF 40 KB

The Panel isrequested to note that future meetings will include a report to monitor that actions raised by the Panel have been completed.




Resolved –


That it be noted that future meetings would include a report to monitor that actions raised by the Panel have been completed.