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Petition Response

Meeting: 21/03/2018 - Council (Item 16)

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Petition responses deferred from the Meeting of Council on 28 February

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Noted the action taken in response to petitions presented at recent meetings of the Council.


The Mayor stated he had received a request from one of the lead petitioners to speak.


The Mayor invited John Edwards to address Council in relation to the petition response set out in section 5 of the report. The Mayor advised everyone present that it was in reference to a live planning application which would be decided in due course by the Planning Board and not by the full Council, and that there would be no detailed discussion about the application at full Council as those members of the Planning Board who eventually determined this application would need to keep an open mind on the application.


John Edwards indicated he was the representative of the Speak Out Woolwich Group. He clarified they opposed the development by Meyer Homes as unacceptable as it had little or no social housing when there were so many on the housing waiting list in the borough, that it had barely any family sized homes when thousands were living in overcrowded accommodation, and that it involved the loss of the little green space they had. He suggested there had been token community engagement, a lack of transparency, and a breakdown of trust in the democratic process when the Planning Board meeting with a recommendation to reject the proposal was cancelled at the last minute due to the threat of legal action by Meyer Homes to gain them more time.


The Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Sustainability, Councillor Danny Thorpe, thanked John Edwards for his comments. He clarified it was the decision of the applicant to issue a legal challenge and in order to protect the interests of the Council when dealing with the application the Council had had no choice but to act in the way that it had. The Cabinet Member stated that the Council was determined to make sure that regeneration did involve all local people and was about delivering social and affordable housing for local people.


Resolved -


That the action taken in response to petitions presented at recent meetings of the Council be noted.


Meeting: 28/02/2018 - Council (Item 13)

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This Matter was deferred to the next meeting of Council.