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Woolwich Leisure Centre Scheme: Procurement of Main Contractor for the leisure centre and Residential Development Partner for balance of scheme; Resolution in principle to make a CPO
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To agree the next stage of the Woolwich Leisure Scheme and the relating decisions.

Due Date
Wed 29 Jan 2020
Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills
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Decision Outcome

Noted the conclusions summary of the design development work in respect of the proposed leisure centre carried out by the team at exempt Appendix 1


Noted for information the indicative initial project viability assessment at exempt Appendix 2


With respect to the leisure centre building:


Agreed to proceed with Model 2 as the chosen design option which has been reviewed by the Portfolio Member for Culture, Leisure and the Third Sector and the Portfolio Member for Growth and Strategic Development in accordance with the April 2019 Cabinet decision; and


Agreed to commence the procurement of the contractor for the construction of the leisure centre building (the ‘Main Contractor’) by way of a two-stage design and build contract.


Agreed to re-appoint Gleeds for continuing design services up to the end of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stage 4.


With respect to the residential element of the scheme:


Agreed to proceed with Site Boundary Option 1 (extended development site) as the chosen site boundary option for the Woolwich Leisure Centre Scheme; and


Agreed to procure a partner to deliver the residential element of the scheme (the ‘Residential Development Partner’) with the decision as to the basis of engagement between RBG and the partner delegated to the Chief Officer; and


Noted that final approval by Cabinet for the appointment of the chosen partner will be sought at the conclusion of the procurement process. 


Agreed in principle to incorporate the Tramshed into the project to provide improved theatre and performance facilities, and additional flexible community space as part of the wider leisure centre provision. 



In respect of the proposed use of compulsory purchase powers:


Agreed in principle to use compulsory purchase powers under section 226(1)(a) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and section 13 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 for the acquisition of freehold and or leasehold interests (both residential and commercial), and any other interests or rights as may arise, which are not already owned by the Council, within the area described in this Report and shown edged red on the plan attached at exempt Appendix 3 in order to support the delivery of the Woolwich Leisure Centre Scheme (i.e. the overall scheme comprising both the leisure centre itself and the residential development on the balance of the site); and


Agreed to authorise officers to begin preparatory work for the use of compulsory purchase powers, including serving requisitions on land owners, commencing preparation of the Statement of Reasons in support of any compulsory purchase order and the preparation of all other necessary documentation and notices including an Equalities Impact Assessment; and to note that a further report will be presented to Cabinet seeking authority to make one or more compulsory purchase orders, if necessary, in relation to specific land interests within the Woolwich Leisure Centre Scheme area.


In relation to Troy Court:


Agreed that an application is made to the Secretary of State to approve a redevelopment scheme pursuant to Schedule 2, Part V of the Housing Act 1985, and that there be no further lettings at Troy Court with immediate effect, and that steps be taken to rehouse the existing tenants of Troy Court to allow vacant possession of the site, with any compensation and rehousing decisions to be delegated to the Director of Housing and Safer Communities; and


Agreed that an Initial Demolition Notice be served at the appropriate time.


Agreed to extend the development budget as set-out at exempt Appendix 2 to cover design work for RIBA Stages 3 and 4 (for the leisure centre building); for the next stages of work for property-related matters (principally site assembly); work in connection with progressing plans for the residential element and the appointment of the Residential Development Partner; and the incorporation of the Tramshed. 


Agreed that the contents of Appendices 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to this report be exempt from publication on the grounds that they contain information relating to the financial or business affairs of a particular person (including the authority holding that information) under Paragraph 3, Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.



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Woolwich Common


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  1. pdf 10.0 - Woolwich Leisure Centre Scheme Report (232Kb)
    1. pdf 10.1 - Appendix 1 - Leisure centre - conclusions summary of design development - Exempt Report
    2. pdf 10.2 - Appendix 2 - Financial Considerations - Exempt Report
    3. pdf 10.3 - Appendix 3 - Compulsory purchase - proposed land acquisition boundary - Exempt Report
    4. pdf 10.4 - Appendix 4 - Residential Development Partner procurement - Exempt Report
    5. pdf 10.5 - Appendix 5 -Troy Court consultation - Exempt Report

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