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Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport
Review of Charlton “C” Controlled Parking Zone and Creation of New Zone Charlton Station “CS” – Consideration of Objections and the making of Traffic Management Orders
Is a Key Decision:
Statutory consultation carried out in April 2023. Report to outline objections to TMO with recommendations.
Due Date
Fri 29 Sep 2023
Communities, Environment and Central
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Councillor Averil Lekau
Decision Outcome

1. Agreed to the making of the permanent Traffic Management Orders for the proposed restrictions as set out in the plans shown in Appendix 1 with agreed amendments to the design (as set out in para 7 of this report) [at Charlton CPZ and Charlton Rail Station] (“TMOs”) and the implementation of the proposed restrictions.

2. Took into consideration all comments that have been received and outlined in Appendix 2 & 3, following promotion and advertisement of the draft TMO[s].

3. Considered and noted the formal objections received in response to the statutory consultation[s].


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D15 - General Exception
D16 - Special Urgency

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Charlton Hornfair; Charlton Village & Riverside



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