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Decision Maker
Cabinet Member for Regeneration
Approval of Draft CIL Charging Schedule for consultation
Is a Key Decision:
To approve the draft CIL charging schedule to go out to consultation.
Due Date
Thu 4 May 2023
Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills
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Decision Maker:
Councillor Aidan Smith
Decision Outcome

1.Agreed to launch consultation of the Revised Draft CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Charging Schedule (CS) which includes the following four documents:

• Revised Draft Charging Schedule (RDCS)

• Statement of Representations Procedure

• Viability Assessment

• Infrastructure Funding Gap Report (IFGR)

2.Noted that these studies were undertaken by BNP Paribas Real Estate (‘BNPPRE’) and Inner Circle Consulting (‘ICC’). They form part of the evidence base for the CIL review and will form the basis of a Revised Charging Schedule.

3.Noted that the RDCS is a partial review of the current CIL charging schedule, based on the viability evidence.


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D15 - General Exception
D16 - Special Urgency

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Planning, Development & Regeneration

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