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Leader of the Council
Contract Award and Disposal Report: Vehicle Replacement Programme – 3 Truck Mounted Sweepers
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Due Date
Wed 25 May 2022
Communities, Environment and Central
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Councillor Danny Thorpe
Decision Outcome
  • Agreed to the purchase of 3 x Truck Mounted Sweepers from Bucher Municipal Ltd (company registration number 0199841) at a total cost of £577,881.00 in accordance with Contract Standing Order (CSO) 28.3 for a three (3) year term, and to start as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • Noted that the bid being accepted is not within 10% of the lowest price but has scored highest overall compared to the other bid received. The winning bid scored more highly in terms of technical quality, delivery lead time and warranty provision. As the tender being accepted is 11% higher than the lowest priced bid the award decision-maker is the Leader in accordance with CSO 28.3. 
  • Noted that agreement to the dispose of 3 x Truck Mounted Sweepers demonstrated in Appendix A will be sought in a separate Chief Officer report in accordance with Financial Procedure 16. GS Plus will manage disposal through an agreed corporate process.
  • Noted that this purchase was conducted using The Eastern Shires Procurement Organisation’s (ESPO) Specialist Vehicles 215_20 framework agreement which was approved by the Director of DRES on 16th April 2021. 
  • Noted that in line with the Fleet Replacement Plan that was agreed by Cabinet on 22nd July 2020, these 3 vehicles will be diesel vehicles that have Euro VI standard engines that are fully compliant with TfL’s Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). Furthermore, the vehicles will be ready to utilise Hydro-Treated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a Greener alternative to diesel, when the fleet is transitioned to this fuel in 2022/23. 
  • Noted that the Electric Sweeper market is in its infancy and the Birchmere Centre’s electrical capacity, charging infrastructure and the significant capital cost increase make purchasing Electric Truck Mounted Sweepers untenable for the Council’s Fleet at present. As part of the Fleet Replacement Plan, consultancy support is underway in order to provide a route map for a large-scale fleet electrification plan and its supporting infrastructure and power requirement. 
  • Noted that the number of Zero-Tail Pipe-Emission vehicles have been maximised in other tenders within the Vehicle Replacement Programme.
  • Noted that the Fleet & Waste Strategy team has researched the potential impacts of Brexit on vehicle purchasing. The industry’s position is clear in that any rise in costs associated with Brexit would be passed on to the purchaser. Therefore, additional fees are payable by the Royal Borough in the event of imposed trading tariffs following Brexit, although this is unlikely due to the agreed UK-EU trade agreement. 

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