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Director of Communities, Environment and Central
Woolwich proposed Traffic Management Scheme : consultation update and next steps
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Wed 26 Jan 2022
Communities, Environment and Central
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Mirsad Bakalovic
Decision Outcome

- Noted and consider the consultation responses received for the Woolwich Traffic Management Scheme proposals.

- To proceed with the implementation of the proposals as consulted on and as shown on the drawing at Appendix 1 of this report, without amendments, at an estimated cost of £5,000.

- Agreed to the advertising of the Traffic Management Orders required to implement the proposals.

- Noted that following the statutory consultation to be undertaken pursuant to 1.3 above, the decision on whether or not to make the Traffic Management Orders required to implement the proposals will be the subject of a further report to either the Director, or if representations are received which are considered to be significant, substantial or material, to the Cabinet Member for Environment, Sustainability and Transport, as required by the Council’s Constitution.

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Glyndon; Woolwich Common



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