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Cabinet Member for Environment, Sustainability and Transport
West Greenwich Traffic Reduction Scheme - Modifications to the West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood experimental scheme
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Fri 6 Aug 2021
Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills
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Councillor Sarah-Jane Merrill
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Noted the information provided in this report about the operation of the West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood experimental scheme, the outcome of the engagement exercise and the options set out for its future and their potential impacts.

Agreed to amend the West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood experimental scheme to vary the access arrangement in Hyde Vale set out in Section 6 to allow vehicular access in both directions, through a camera enforced modal filter on Hyde Vale, between 7am and 9am Monday to Friday. 

Agreed to exempt taxis (as defined in paragraph 6.3 (ii) below) and refuse vehicles from the camera enforced modal filters in the West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood experimental scheme.

Delegated the making of the necessary Traffic Management Orders (TMO) and details of highways works arising from this decision to the Director of Regeneration, Enterprise & Skills.

Noted that the Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996 states that if the option to convert the experimental TMO into a permanent TMO is to be retained, this can only be done if “no variation or modification of the experimental order was made more than 12 months after the order was made”. In this instance, any modification to the West Greenwich Experimental TMO must be made by 25 August 2021. If the proposed modification cannot be made by 25 August 2021 due to a delay as a result of a call-in process, the only available options available to the Council would be to either make the scheme permanent in its current form, go through a further full TMO process to make a permanent TMO in the future (rather than the expedited process to convert the experimental TMO into a permanent one and also risks a gap in in the traffic measures being in place) or abandon the scheme altogether. This is considered, therefore, not be in the public interest and would be detrimental to the Council. It risks not fully addressing the concerns raised, or not having the full opportunity to assess the impact of the proposed modifications, the overall operation of the experimental scheme and optimising the scheme if the decision is made to leave it in place on a permanent basis.

Noted that the decisions in this report will necessitate the re-starting of  some experimental Traffic Management Order processes, including the associated statutory consultation. 

Noted that the figures quoted in this report supersede all other figures previously used and are based on a final analysis by Officers. 

Please note this decision is exempt from call-in.

Additional Information

D15 - General Exception
D16 - Special Urgency
2.1 The West Greenwich traffic reduction scheme was implemented under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) which was made on 25 August 2020. Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents that enable a local highway authority to prohibit, restrict or reduce the use of a road by traffic.

2.2      An ETRO can stay in force for up to a maximum of 18 months while the effects are monitored and assessed. The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996 allow for the modification of experimental traffic orders  but any variation or modification must be made no more than 12 months after the order was made if the Council wishes to retain the ability to convert the ETRO into a permanent TMO at the end of the experimental process. Any modification to the West Greenwich experimental scheme must therefore be made before the 25 August 2021 to remain within the 12 months period during which modification is permitted.

2.3      In order to implement the proposed amendments to the experimental scheme, the Royal Borough is legally required to give Notice in the local press of its intention to implement the changes 7 days before the scheme comes into operation. This means that a decision must be made by 8th August at the latest, which will allow the Public Notice to be published on 11th August 2021 and the Order to come into operation on 18th August 2021. 

2.4 The consultation undertaken received a significant response, as outlined in Section 9. The process of thoroughly considering these responses, developing the alternative options presented here, based on those responses, and making the improvements to access for emergency services (introduced by a decision dated 14th July 2021 made by Director of Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills) prevented this decision from being made before now.

2.5    The Council, therefore, needs to consider now whether to modify the experimental scheme to address concerns raised about the operation of the experimental scheme.

2.6 For the reasons set out above, there are clear grounds for urgency, and it would not be prudent, nor in the public / taxpayer’s interests to wait for either.

5 clear days’ notice to be given before a decision is taken
Call in to expire

2.7 For the reasons set out above and in accordance with paragraph B10 of the Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules in the Constitution, the Chief Executive has agreed both that the decision proposed is reasonable and is to be treated as a matter of urgency because any delay likely to be caused by the call-in process would prejudice the public interest.

2.8 Given that the decision is urgent and cannot be reasonably deferred, the agreement of the Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been obtained under paragraph D16 of the Access to Information Procedures in the Constitution that the decision be taken without giving the notice referred to in the paragraph 2.6 above.

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