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Decision Maker
Director of Housing and Safer Communities
Award of a Contract to Bonds Builders & Contractors Ltd and Saltash Enterprises Ltd for Hidden Homes project
Is a Key Decision:
To award contracts to create new dwellings from unused and/or under-utilised spaces in existing HRA buildings. 
Due Date
Mon 9 May 2022
Housing and Safer Communities
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Decision Type:
Decision Maker:
Jamie Carswell
Decision Outcome

1.       Agreed to the award of the Hidden Homes contract with the following companies in accordance with Contract Standing Order (CSO) 28.3:

1.1     Bonds Builders & Contractors Ltd (company registration number 02973643) (“Bonds”); and

1.2     Saltash Enterprises Ltd (company registration number 01977118) (“Saltash”).

2.       Noted the contract is for the creation of dwellings from unused and/or under-utilised spaces in existing HRA buildings, boroughwide. The above-named contractors provided the most advantageous tenders in accordance with Contract Standing Order 28.3.

 3.       Noted the anticipated total value of this expenditure is £2,550,000 (£850,000 per annum), which will be split evenly between the two contractors over the 36-month contract period commencing on 1 June 2022 and terminating on 31 May 2025.

 4.       Noted the value of each contract will be £1,275,000. This contract sum is based upon the creation of 30 homes at an average cost of £85,000 per home. CSO 8 and CSO 13.1 requires a business case to be produced for works contracts valued above £1,000,000. However, this procurement process commenced before the new Contract Standing Orders were implemented on 21 July 2021, therefore a business case has not been produced in this matter.

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