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Decision Confirmed
Decision Maker
Leader of the Council
COVID-19 Discretionary Grant Scheme Round Two
Is a Key Decision:
Due Date
Tue 4 Aug 2020
Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills
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Decision Type:
Decision Maker:
Councillor Danny Thorpe
Decision Outcome

Noted that the Royal Borough of Greenwich has been allocated £1.863 million from central government for the COVID-19 Discretionary Grant scheme; detailed guidance for the scheme is provided at Appendix 1.

Agreed to proceed immediately with the approach to administering the second round of the Covid-19 Discretionary Grant Scheme and the expanded criteria for allocating funding outlined in section 4 of this report.

Delegated approval of the grant awards to the Director of Regeneration, Enterprise & Skills. 

Noted that the Government has now set a deadline to close the scheme on 28 August 2020; All grant payments are to be made to businesses by 30 September 2020. After this date any unspent allocation will need to be returned. Weekly monitoring returns to DBEIS, continues to be an administrative requirement of the scheme.

This decision is exempt from call-in


Additional Information

D15 - General Exception
D16 - Special Urgency

The grounds for urgency is due to:

(i)   the severity of the economic crisis unfolding,

(ii) the recently announced deadline for closure of the scheme, and

(iii) the reduction in Government support schemes for businesses as the lockdown measures are eased.  

(iv) Businesses are expected to re-open in a challenging trading environment.  Furthermore, from the 1 August 2020, businesses are required to make financial contributions to the furlough job retention scheme, the level of grant will be reduced each month and completely phased out by October 2020. This will add further financial pressure and risk to the borough’s businesses, currently furloughing over 30,000 employees. Therefore, there are strong grounds for extreme urgency and it would not be prudent, nor in the public / taxpayers’ interest to wait for either: 


·      28 days’ notice to be given for a key decision 

·      Five clear days’ notice to be given before the decision is taken

·      call in to expire. 


For the reasons set out above, the Chief Executive has agreed both that the decision proposed is reasonable and is to be treated as a matter of urgency.  Any delay likely to be caused by the call-in process would prejudice the public interest and result inconsiderable loss of grant funding the council has received to support businesses and the local economy.


Given that the decision is urgent and cannot be reasonably deferred, the agreement of the Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been obtained under paragraph D16 of the Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules in the Constitution that the decision be taken without giving the notice referred to above”

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