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Decision Maker
Director of Children's Services
Contract Award for Children’s Services Review
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Due Date
Wed 2 Sep 2020
Children's Services
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Florence Kroll
Decision Outcome

Agreed to the award of a two-stage contract with Bloom Procurement Services Ltd (08045123) for the supply of consultancy services in respect of a strategic review of Children’s Services. 

Noted that the initial service assessment fee (Stage 1) will be a maximum of £275,000 (including expenses) which is to be underwritten by Bloom and aligned with the delivery of agreed milestones.

Noted that subject to an agreed proposal, further fees will be payable in respect of the design and implementation phase (Stage 2). Fees are not to exceed the on-going budgetary savings, with an estimated maximum cost assessment of up to £4,000,000 based on the service budget, programme scope and agreed benefits (funding will be identified from relevant divisions in which benefits will be realised).

This decision is subject to call-in until 5pm - 8 September 2020

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