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'Towards Zero Waste’ Strategy Update
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To approve the package of policy and service delivery proposals and adopt the Towards Zero Waste strategy.

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Wed 16 Sep 2020
Communities and Environment
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Noted the results of the Towards Zero Waste public consultation which was conducted between 3rd February and 15th March 2020 which have been used to help formulate these proposals (Appendix A).

Noted the content of this report and appendices which seeks approval for waste and recycling policy and service delivery changes in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG), which will collectively take up to two and a half years to implement.  

Approved the proposal to restrict the collection frequency of general waste (black top bin) to fortnightly for kerbside houses on wheelie bin collection rounds.  To no longer accept collection of side waste. These policy changes will take up to two and a half years to implement (Appendix B). 

Agreed the proposal to limit the availability of free clear recycling sacks to properties which cannot safely store a recycling (blue top) wheelie bin and who must use the sacks to access the recycling service. These policy changes will occur in October 2020 (Appendix C).

Agreed to reject the introduction of a subscription fee for separately collected garden waste recycling but to introduce separate food waste collections by 2023 when mandated in legislation and when funded by central government. To note the requirement to review the MTFS baseline as revenue saving associated with this income stream will not be achieved (Appendix D). 

Agreed the proposal to no longer empty contaminated recycling bins and to place the onus on the householder to ensure blue and green top bins contain only good quality, clean material. To introduce an optional collection charge for contaminated recycling bins to be collected as general waste. These policy changes will take up to two and a half years to implement (Appendix E).

Agreed that the Towards Zero Waste update to the Municipal Waste Strategy (2016-2025) is adopted by the Council (Appendix F).

This decision is subject to call-in until 5pm - 23 September 2020

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Environment; Refuse

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