Greenwich Council


Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Non Domestic Rates Hardship Relief Case <br/>Individual Case ref: 429315/08/201702/09/2017Call-in expired
Cycling Strategy - Phase 1 Review and Phase 2 Proposed Programme ref: 419715/08/201723/08/2017Call-in expired
New Fence for Outdoor Play Area, The Under 5s Project, St Mary's Church ref: 425208/08/201716/08/2017Call-in expired
Provision of temporary classrooms at Thomas Tallis School ref: 426904/08/201716/08/2017Call-in expired
J MUIR & CO (Bookbinders) Ltd, 64-68 Blackheath Road, Greenwich, SE10 8DA (16/1010/F) ref: 426101/08/201701/08/2017Not for call-in
Block E, Village Centre (Phase 3), Kidbrooke Village, Kidbrooke, SE3. (17/1240/F) ref: 426001/08/201701/08/2017Not for call-in
Village Centre (Phase 3), Kidbrooke Village, Kidbrooke, SE3. (17/1239/MA) ref: 425901/08/201701/08/2017Not for call-in
Block A, Kidbrooke Village (Phase 3), London, SE3. (17/0536/MA) ref: 426201/08/201701/08/2017Not for call-in
Changes to the Blackheath Kidbrooke and Kidbrooke North Controlled Parking Zones ref: 426404/08/201712/08/2017Call-in expired
Greenwich Extra Care - Contract Award ref: 426808/08/201711/08/2017Call-in expired
Asset Management Package 2654: Thornham Street & Norman Road - roof renew, window replacement & window restrictor renew works ref: 426702/08/201710/08/2017Call-in expired
Maintenance and Repair of Domestic Stair Lifts, Vertical Lifts, Hoist’s and Door Openers (Contract Number – 2660) ref: 427402/08/201710/08/2017Call-in expired
Long Term Borrowing ref: 425518/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Treasury Management Outturn Report 2016/17 ref: 425618/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Statement of Accounts 2016/17 ref: 425718/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Contract Award Report for the Appointment of Consultants - Project: Corporate Property Asset Review - Bilfinger GVA (HCA) ref: 427509/08/201709/08/2017Call-in expired
Contract award report for the appointment of contractor for Prentiss Court Garages SE7 8LD - LANB Round 6 ref: 427326/06/201709/08/2017Call-in expired
Contract award report for the appointment of contractor for Bevan Road Garages SE2 0UU - LANB Round 6 ref: 427226/06/201709/08/2017Call-in expired
Tender Acceptance Report for Borough Wide Communal Water Services - Annual Inspection, Legionella Risk Assessments, Monitoring, Cleaning, and Replacement of Water Storage tanks, Associated Plumbing and Water Main Repairs ref: 426531/07/201708/08/2017Call-in expired
Asset Management Scheme 2671: front Entrance Doors Renewal Term Contract (LHC C7 Framework) ref: 426604/08/201715/08/2017Call-in expired
Abbey Wood Summer Event - Party in the Park 2017 ref: 425025/07/201703/08/2017Call-in expired
Edible Garden/Fruit Orchard Behind Anstridge Hall ref: 425125/07/201703/08/2017Call-in expired
Unit 2, Victoria Deep Water Terminal, Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich, London. SE10 0QE (16/3478/F) ref: 424524/07/201724/07/2017Not for call-in
Land adjacent to and to the south west of The 02 (Known as Plot N0201), Peninsula Square, Greenwich, SE10. (15/3552/F) ref: 424424/07/201724/07/2017Not for call-in
Bostall House, Knee Hill, Abbey Wood, London, SE2. (16/2946/F) ref: 424925/07/201725/07/2017Not for call-in
90 Kinveachy Gardens, Charlton, London, SE7. (17/1101/F) ref: 424825/07/201725/07/2017Not for call-in
Woolwich (WB) Controlled Parking Zone Review - Results of consultation and proposed changes ref: 424625/07/201701/08/2017Call-in expired
Woolwich Creative District architect appointment ref: 424321/07/201728/07/2017Call-in expired
Statement of Accounts 2016/17 ref: 423719/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Revision of the 1938 bye laws that govern use of both the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels ref: 423919/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Petitions Response ref: 424019/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Treasury Management Outturn Report 2016/17 ref: 423819/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Motion "Assistance with resources for Councils to implement fire safety measures to its housing stock" ref: 424219/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Motion "Schools admissions arrangements for 2018" ref: 424119/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Wide Horizons Woodland Centre, Constitution Rise, Shooters Hill, London. SE18 3RW (16/4039/F) ref: 423318/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
St Peters Boxing Club - Boxing and Fitness ref: 423418/07/201727/07/2017Call-in expired
Woolwich Carnival 2017 'Full of Flavours' ref: 423518/07/201727/07/2017Call-in expired
Richmount Gardens Community Hall Renovations ref: 423618/07/201727/07/2017Call-in expired
GMVA Summer Fayre (Ward Budget Scheme ref: 423213/07/201722/07/2017Call-in expired
Amendment of bye-laws for Greenwich & Woolwich Foot Tunnel ref: 422812/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Rochester Way open space - consideration of objections to the freehold disposal of open space fronting Rochester Way Social Club Site ref: 422912/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Treasury Management Outturn Report 2016/17 ref: 423012/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Local Discretionary Rate Relief Scheme for the 2017/18 Financial Year ref: 423112/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Greenwich Children and Young People Plan 2017- 2020 ref: 422712/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Greenwich Fairness Commission Report and Recommendations ref: 422512/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Contract Standing Orders - Exemptions / Variations Report ref: 422612/07/201712/07/2017Not for call-in
Attendance Report ref: 421705/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
Scheme for Financing Schools -Revision 2017. ref: 421505/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
Charging Academies for Conversion ref: 421605/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
National Funding Formula -Consultation Responses ref: 421405/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
Apprenticeship Levy ref: 421305/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
2016/17 Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) Outturn Position and Update on 2017/18 DSG budget. ref: 421205/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
2016/17 Revenue and Capital Balances position for Schools ref: 421105/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
Draft Strategic Plan 2017-18 ref: 421005/07/201705/07/2017Not for call-in
Taksim Bistro, 7 Blackheath Hill, London, SE10 8PB ref: 422104/07/201704/07/2017Not for call-in
Plumstead Controlled Parking Zone Review - Results of Consultation and Proposed Changes ref: 422311/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Abbey Wood Station Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) 2016 Review - Results of Consultation and Proposed Changes ref: 422211/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Charlton Park, Charlton Park Road, Charlton, SE7 (17/1288/F) ref: 421806/07/201706/07/2017Not for call-in
16 Sandpit Place, Charlton, London, SE7 8HE (17/0453/F) ref: 421906/07/201706/07/2017Not for call-in
Loan to Long Lane Football Club ref: 422006/07/201713/07/2017Call-in expired
Terms of Reference and draft Work Programme 2017/18 ref: 420329/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Whistleblowing Policy ref: 420229/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Internal Audit & Anti Fraud - Performance Report 2016/17 ref: 420129/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Annual Governance Statement 2016/17 ref: 419929/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Audit Enquiries to those charged with Governance ref: 420029/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Draft Statement of Accounts 2016/17 ref: 419829/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Update on use of Right to Buy Receipts ref: 420622/06/201722/06/2017Not for call-in
Petition Responses ref: 419628/06/201728/06/2017Not for call-in
Community Safety Strategy 2017-20 ref: 419528/06/201728/06/2017Not for call-in
Guide Camps ref: 418928/06/201706/07/2017Call-in expired
Christchurch School – Playground Initiative ref: 419428/06/201706/07/2017Call-in expired
Charlton Parkside Community Hub “Picnic in the Park 2017” to celebrate The Big Lunch and Jo Cox Memorial Great Get Together weekend ref: 419328/06/201706/07/2017Call-in expired
Wsup – Providing services to service users ref: 419028/06/201706/07/2017Call-in expired
Woolwich Carnival 2017 ‘Full of Flavours’ ref: 419128/06/201706/07/2017Call-in expired
Land at Greenwich Peninsula, South of the O2, Greenwich, SE10 (16/4183/R) ref: 416619/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
The Catholic Club, 81-88 Beresford Street, Woolwich, London, SE18 6BG (16/1975/F) ref: 416819/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
Land Bounded by Old Stable Row, Woolwich New Road and Thomas Street, SE18 (17/0681/F) ref: 416919/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
Sainsbury's and Former Comet Stores, 55 & 57 Bugsby's Way, Greenwich, SE10. (17/0672/R) ref: 416719/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
Disposal of Southmere Boating Centre, Binsey Walk, Thamesmead ref: 417921/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Charlton Riverside Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document and the Employment Atlas and Heritage Study ref: 418021/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Exemption from Contract Standing Orders Report & Contract Variation Report ref: 418121/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Children's Centres Contract Extension ref: 418221/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
School Place Planning and Capital Programme 2017/18- 2019/20 ref: 418421/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Draft Statement of Accounts 2016/17 ref: 418521/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
2016/17 Revenue Outturn ref: 418621/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Cabinet Performance Report - High Level Objectives ref: 418721/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Greenwich Fairness Commission Report and Recommendations ref: 418821/06/201721/06/2017Not for call-in
Brantridge School, Staplefield, West Sussex - Disposal of leasehold interest ref: 418321/06/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Apologies for Absence ref: 417220/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 417720/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
17 Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7AS (16/1618/F & 16/1619/L) ref: 417320/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
Unit B, Wood Wharf, Horseferry Place, Greenwich, London, SE10 ref: 417520/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
Zeytin Restaurant, 63 Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, SE10 ref: 417420/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
Urgent Business ref: 417620/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
1 Hyde Vale, Greenwich, London, SE10 8QG (15/1233/F) ref: 417120/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
Development of 22 Industrial Units at 82-86, Nathan Way: Contract Award Report ref: 417020/06/201727/06/2017Call-in expired
Establishment of Appointments Panels - Director of Housing & Safer Communities and Senior Assistant Director Safeguarding and Social Care ref: 435019/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
75 Eltham Green Road, Greenwich, London, SE9 6BH (17/0551/F) ref: 416313/06/201713/06/2017Not for call-in
Land Adjacent to 5 Milverton Way, Eltham, London SE9 3EY (16/3545/F) ref: 416213/06/201713/06/2017Not for call-in
Wide Horizons Woodland Centre, Constitution Rise, Shooters Hill, London. SE18 3RW (16/4039/F) ref: 416413/06/201713/06/2017Not for call-in
Yard and Land, Blackwall Tunnel Approach, Greenwich, SE10 0AN ref: 416501/06/201701/06/2017Not for call-in
Up the Creek, 302 Creek Road, Greenwich, SE10 9SW ref: 416006/06/201706/06/2017Not for call-in
Contract Award - Managed Network Service ref: 416106/06/201714/06/2017Call-in expired
Land at Meridian Quay, Ordnance Crescent, Greenwich, SE10 0QE ref: 415918/05/201718/05/2017Not for call-in
The Gate Clock, Creek Road, Greenwich, SE10 9RB ref: 415723/05/201723/05/2017Not for call-in
Brooklyn Bowl, Building 5, Entertainment Avenue, The O2, Greenwich, SE10 0DX ref: 415823/05/201723/05/2017Not for call-in
Garage Sites Adjacent to 63 and 73 Woodlands Park Road, Greenwich, SE10 9AY (16/1629/F) ref: 415623/05/201723/05/2017Not for call-in
Plot 504, Parcel 5, Greenwich Millennium Village Phases, 3-5 Peartree Way, Greenwich, SE10 (17/0576/R) ref: 415523/05/201723/05/2017Not for call-in
10 Orangery Lane, Eltham, London, SE9 1HN (16/3176/F) ref: 415423/05/201723/05/2017Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 415115/05/201715/05/2017Not for call-in
Award of Freedom of The Borough ref: 413917/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Appointment of Licensing Sub-Committees 2017/18 ref: 413817/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 413717/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Overview and Scrutiny - Annual Work Programme 2017-18 ref: 414917/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Appointment of Members to serve on Outside Bodies for 2017/18 ref: 414817/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Approval of an outline Calendar of Meetings of the Council, and other Member-level bodies for 2017/18 ref: 414717/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Appointment of Members to serve on Member-level Bodies, and the appointment of Chairs and Vice-Chairs for 2017/18 ref: 414617/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Establishment of Member-level Bodies for 2017/18 to deal with matters neither reserved to the Council nor are executive functions. ref: 414517/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Notification from Party Groups as to Members appointed as Council Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip, Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition (largest Minority Group), other party leaders and party whips. ref: 414417/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Delegations and Executive Responsibilities ref: 414317/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Appointment of Cabinet Members ref: 414217/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Appointment of Deputy Mayor ref: 414117/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Election of Mayor ref: 414017/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Proper Officer Appointments ref: 415017/05/201717/05/2017Not for call-in
Allocation of Grant - from Department for Communities and Local Government - 2016/18 fund for specialist accommodation - priorities for Domestic Abuse Services ref: 413417/05/201725/05/2017Call-in expired
Allocation of Grant - from Home Office - 2016/18 fund for specialist service - as part of our PREVENT local priority ref: 413617/05/201725/05/2017Call-in expired
Community Safety Strategy 2017-20 and Community Safety Plan 2017-18 ref: 413010/05/201719/05/2017Call-in expired
Plans to establish a Royal Borough of Greenwich Corporate Parenting Board ref: 413310/05/201719/05/2017Call-in expired
Determination of Statutory Proposal to change Plumstead Manor School from single sex to co-educational ref: 413110/05/201719/05/2017Call-in expired
Variation to the Determined Admission Arrangements for Royal Greenwich Schools from 2018/19 Academic Year ref: 413210/05/201719/05/2017Call-in expired
Waive the Fees and Charges for Child Burials ref: 412710/04/201716/05/2017Call-in expired
No. 1 Paragon Close House, South<br/>Row, Blackheath, SE3 0NU ref: 412602/05/201702/05/2017Not for call-in
No. 1 Hyde Vale, Greenwich, London SE10 8QG ref: 412302/05/201702/05/2017Not for call-in
No. 26 Morden Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 0AA ref: 412502/05/201702/05/2017Not for call-in
Nos 258 - 260 Creek Road, London, SE10 9SW ref: 412202/05/201702/05/2017Not for call-in
No. 17 Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7AS ref: 412402/05/201702/05/2017Not for call-in
Restoration of the Point ref: 412126/04/201711/05/2017Call-in expired
17/0094/MA - Kidbrooke Village Centre, (Block B), (Phase 3), Kidbrooke Masterplan, Kidbrooke Park Road, Kidbrooke, SE3 ref: 411926/04/201726/04/2017Not for call-in
16/2975/F - Heritage Centre Car Park, Phase 5, The Warren/Royal Arsenal, SE18 ref: 412026/04/201726/04/2017Not for call-in
Expo International, 244 Plumstead High Street, SE18 ref: 411820/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Friends of Plumstead Common ref: 411025/04/201703/05/2017Call-in expired
Auditor Certification Report 2015/16 ref: 411120/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Auditor Progress Report and Update 2016/17 ref: 411220/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
External Audit Plan 2016/17 ref: 411320/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Strategic Risk Register ref: 411420/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Public Sector Internal Audit Standards External Assessment of the Internal Audit function ref: 411520/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Internal Audit Plan 2017/18 ref: 411620/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Internal Audit - Limited Assurance Review ref: 411720/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
Glyndon Festival 2017 ref: 406520/04/201729/04/2017Call-in expired
Scheme and Estimate Report for the School Planned Maintenance Programme 2017/2018 ref: 410419/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Disposal of land to and development financing for Meridian Home Start ref: 410519/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Parks and Open Spaces Strategy ref: 410619/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Additional Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation ref: 410719/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Royal Borough Risk Management Strategy ref: 410819/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Playwell Playgroup Developing Communication Skills ref: 409719/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Planting for Fairy Hill Park - Friends of Fairy Hill Park ref: 409919/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Charlton Hope Sale ref: 410019/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Her Centre - Follow up Support to Clients ref: 409519/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
Girls Brigade Visit to Lego Land and Purchase of Parachute for Practical Sessions ref: 409619/04/201728/04/2017Call-in expired
The Duchess Public House, 1 Woolwich Road, SE10 0RA ref: 410312/04/201712/04/2017Not for call-in
Greenwich Migrant Advice Hub ref: 410210/04/201722/04/2017Call-in expired
Royal Greenwich Festivals/Community Event Funding 2017/18 ref: 410110/04/201722/04/2017Call-in expired
Valley Food and Wine 138-140 Rochester Way Blackheath SE3 8AR ref: 409005/04/201705/04/2017Not for call-in
The River Ale House, 131 Woolwich Road, London, SE10 0RF ref: 408604/04/201704/04/2017Not for call-in
Abbey Wood Memorial Garden Residents Group ref: 406805/04/201715/04/2017Call-in expired
Individual Discretionary Rate Relief Case – Art Hub ref: 408806/04/201715/04/2017Call-in expired
St Andrew's Scouts and Guides Supporters Association ref: 408906/04/201715/04/2017Call-in expired
Block 3, Greenwich Square (Formerly called Heart of East Greenwich), Former Greenwich District Hospital site, Woolwich Road, Greenwich, SE10. ref: 406905/04/201705/04/2017Not for call-in
Former Police Car Park, r/o 18-26 Royal Hill, Greenwich, SE10 ref: 407005/04/201705/04/2017Not for call-in
Lovell's, Granite, Badcocks and Pipers Wharves, Pelton Road, Banning Street and Christchurch Way, Greenwich, SE10 ref: 407105/04/201705/04/2017Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 403705/04/201705/04/2017Not for call-in
Armstrong Outdoor Children's Play Area ref: 406306/04/201714/04/2017Call-in expired
Report to approve the DWP Flexible Support Community Budget Young GLLaB project ref: 406403/04/2017 0
Greenwich Pride ref: 406006/04/201714/04/2017Call-in expired
Improvements to the Armada Community Centre ref: 408206/04/201714/04/2017Call-in expired
Plumstead Environment Meme ref: 406206/04/201714/04/2017Call-in expired
Woolwich Leisure Centre - Scheme Composition & Delivery Proposals ref: 408305/04/201713/04/2017Call-in expired
Scheme and Estimate Report for 0.5FE Expansion of Haimo Primary School at London SE9 6DZ ref: 408505/04/2017 0
Early Intervention in Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour and Youth Violence on the Flower Estate ref: 407705/04/201711/04/2017Call-in expired
Sensory Room for Greenwich Toy Library ref: 407805/04/201711/04/2017Call-in expired
Tree Planting Project in Sutcliffe Park ref: 407905/04/201711/04/2017Call-in expired
Valley Hill Hub - Air Pollution Monitors ref: 408005/04/201711/04/2017Call-in expired
Haddo Estate (SE10) Play Equipment ref: 405530/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Planters on the Orchard Estate ref: 405930/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Eltham Park Festival 2017 ref: 405830/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Eltham Arts - Summer Music Festival ref: 405730/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
CIL Governance Arrangements ref: 404129/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Revised Admissions Criteria for the Sarah Turnbull House and Defiance Walk, YMCA Housing Schemes for Young People ref: 404529/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Woolwich Creative District ref: 404329/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Education Strategy ref: 404229/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Cabinet Performance Reporting - Future arrangements ref: 404029/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Repository Road, SE18 - Acquisition of Leasehold Interest for Woolwich to Lee Quietway ref: 404429/03/201707/04/2017Call-in expired
Garages at, The Avenue Cherry Orchard, Charlton, SE7 ref: 403828/03/201728/03/2017Not for call-in
S C A Recycling UK, Maybank Wharf, 9 Herringham Road, Charlton, London, SE7 ref: 403928/03/201728/03/2017Not for call-in
Motion - “Council Tax exemption for care leavers up to the age of 25” ref: 405329/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Motion - “EU Nationals” ref: 405229/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Dispensation from the Six Month Rule: Councillor C. May ref: 404729/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Petition Responses ref: 405029/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Motion - “Education Cuts” ref: 405129/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Parent Governor appointments to Overview and Scrutiny ref: 404929/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Freedom of the Borough ref: 404829/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Members' Allowances Scheme 2017/18 ref: 404629/03/201729/03/2017Not for call-in
Community Safety Plan 2017/18 ref: 403627/03/201701/04/2017Call-in expired
167 Footscray Road, Eltham, London. SE9-2SZ. ref: 402821/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
24 Kinlet Road, London, SE18 3BY ref: 403021/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
Treetops Day Nursery, 35 West Park, Eltham, SE9 4RZ ref: 402521/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
New Eltham Day Nursery, 699 Sidcup Road, Eltham, London, SE9 ref: 402621/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
Wide Horizons Woodland Centre, Constitution Rise, Shooters Hill, London, SE18 ref: 402721/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
24-26 Hervey Road, Kidbrooke, SE3 ref: 402921/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
Scheme and Estimate Report for 1 FE Expansion of Boxgrove Primary School at Boxgrove Road, London SE2 9JJ ref: 403222/03/201729/03/2017Call-in expired
Bella Napoli Pizzeria, 122 Westmount Road, Eltham, SE9 1UT ref: 402214/03/201714/03/2017Not for call-in
14 Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7 BD ref: 401914/03/201714/03/2017Not for call-in
77 Foyle Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7RQ ref: 402014/03/201714/03/2017Not for call-in
258 - 260 Creek Road, London, SE10 9SW ref: 402114/03/201714/03/2017Not for call-in
Montbelle Primary School - Rights Respecting School Committee ref: 402316/03/201723/03/2017Call-in expired
Restoration and Improvement of Eltham War Memorial ref: 403116/03/201723/03/2017Call-in expired
Glyndon Community Centre - Beach Project (ward budget G001) ref: 401814/03/201721/03/2017Call-in expired
Hervey Road Playing Field – consideration of objections to the leasehold disposal of open space ref: 401714/03/201721/03/2017Call-in expired
CCRA Community Green Spaces Project (ward budget scheme CW005) ref: 401513/03/201718/03/2017Call-in expired
Contract Award for the Council's Statutory Notices and Advertising ref: 401409/03/201709/03/2017Not for call-in
Land North of Woolwich road opposite 71-101 Barney Close, Charlton SE7 ref: 401207/03/201707/03/2017Not for call-in
Block 3, Greenwich Square (Formerly called Heart of East Greenwich), Former Greenwich District Hospital site, Woolwich Road, Greenwich, SE10. ref: 401007/03/201707/03/2017Not for call-in
Plot 19.04 Land to the East of East Parkside and to the North of River Way, Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 ref: 401107/03/201707/03/2017Not for call-in
Police Car Park, Rear of 18-26 Royal Hill, Greenwich, SE10. ref: 400907/03/201707/03/2017Not for call-in
Plot 18.02 Land to the West of West Parkside, Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 ref: 401307/03/201707/03/2017Not for call-in
Fox Under the Hill, 286 Shooters Hill Road, London, SE18 4LT ref: 400702/03/201702/03/2017Not for call-in
Plum Local Express, 109 Plumstead High Street, London, SE18 1SE ref: 400802/03/201702/03/2017Not for call-in
Individual Discretionary Rate Relief Case (Greenwich Communications Centre) ref: 400606/03/201711/03/2017Call-in expired
Tall Ships Festival, Greenwich Town Centre, SE10 ref: 400523/02/201723/02/2017Not for call-in
Petition Responses ref: 400322/02/201722/02/2017Not for call-in
Pay Policy Statement for 2017/18 ref: 400222/02/201722/02/2017Not for call-in
Treasury Management Strategy 2017/18 ref: 400122/02/201722/02/2017Not for call-in
Budget and Council Tax Setting 2017/18 ref: 400022/02/201722/02/2017Not for call-in
Motion relating to the publication of "Sporting Future". ref: 400422/02/201722/02/2017Not for call-in
Drinking Fountain, Shrewsbury Park (ward budget scheme SH001 ref: 399921/02/201728/02/2017Call-in expired
Revenue Budget Monitoring Period 8 ref: 399215/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Determination of Admission Arrangements for Royal Greenwich Schools from 2018/19 Academic Year ref: 399515/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Revised Scheme & Estimate report for the provision of the permanent expansion of the St Mary Magdalene Church of England School on the Greenwich Peninsula site ref: 399715/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Revised Modernisation Programme for Retained Sheltered Housing Schemes ref: 399615/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Housing Revenue Account 2017/18 Budget ref: 399115/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Treasury Management Strategy ref: 399315/02/201724/02/2017Call-in expired
Budget and Council Tax Setting 2017/18 ref: 399415/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Scheme & Estimate Report for the upgrade of Fire and Intruder Alarms with new CCTV at Royal Arsenal Buildings 17,18, 40 & 41 ref: 399816/02/201723/02/2017Call-in expired
Charlton Riverside - Draft Supplementary Planning Document for Public Consultation ref: 398914/02/201721/02/2017Call-in expired
Further Grant funding for Greenwich Foodbank (Ward Budget EN006) ref: 398809/02/201716/02/2017Call-in expired
4th Royal Eltham Scout Group - Funding for Equipment ref: 398709/02/201716/02/2017Call-in expired
Contract Award for ICES Contract ref: 398606/02/201711/02/2017Call-in expired
80 Westcombe Park Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7QS ref: 397224/01/201724/01/2017Not for call-in
14 Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7BD ref: 397024/01/201724/01/2017Not for call-in
131 Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London SE10 ref: 397124/01/201724/01/2017Not for call-in
Attendance Record ref: 398401/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Early Years Funding 201718- Changes to funding for three and four year olds ref: 397701/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Changes to Profiled Payments to Schools from 20171/8 ref: 398001/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Governing Body Approved 3 Year Budget Plans For Schools ref: 397901/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
National Funding Formula -Schools and High Needs National Funding Formula ref: 397801/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Schools Forum electoral and communication arrangements ref: 398301/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Growth Funding for Schools -Clarification of Policy and confirmation of 2017/18 funding level ref: 398101/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Contract Award for the Council's Statutory Notices and Advertising ref: 398503/02/201710/02/2017Call-in expired
Schools Forum reconstitution 2017-19 ref: 398201/02/201701/02/2017Not for call-in
Plot 18.03, Land west of West Parkside, Peninsula (16/1796/R) ref: 397630/01/201730/01/2017Not for call-in
Motion relating to the National Libraries Week and commitment to future of smaller libraries. ref: 397425/01/201725/01/2017Not for call-in
Council Tax Base 2017/18 ref: 397325/01/201725/01/2017Not for call-in
Motion relating to Social Care Funding ref: 397525/01/201725/01/2017Not for call-in
Land rear of 76 Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, SE3 7JQ ref: 395119/12/201619/12/2016Not for call-in
Heritage Centre: Acquisitions and Disposal (Collections) Policy Renewal ref: 396924/01/201731/01/2017Call-in expired
Exemption from Contract Standing Orders Report & Contract Variation Report ref: 396718/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
Proposed Thames Path- Acquisition for Rights for Access ref: 396518/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
Housing Capital Programme 2017/18 ref: 396318/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
Autumn Statement 2016 and Medium Term Financial Strategy Update ref: 396118/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
Council Tax Base 2017/18 ref: 396218/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
Blackheath Joint Events Policy ref: 396618/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
Early Education and Childcare Place Planning and Capital Programme ref: 396418/01/201726/01/2017Call-in expired
14 Brookway, Blackheath, SE3 9BJ ref: 396017/01/201717/01/2017Not for call-in
80 Joan Crescent, Eltham, SE9 5RP ref: 395917/01/201717/01/2017Not for call-in
2017 -18 Funding Settlement ref: 396818/01/201718/01/2017Not for call-in
Buildings 10, 11 and Royal Carriage Square, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, SE18 (Ref: 16/2807/F) ref: 395816/01/201716/01/2017Not for call-in
Vehicle Replacement Programme – Tender Acceptance – 26 Tonne 6x2 Refuse Collection Vehicles ref: 395709/01/201714/01/2017Call-in expired
Westcombe Park CPZ Review - results of consultation and proposed changes ref: 395609/01/201714/01/2017Call-in expired
Cycling Scheme (Ward Budget Scheme WC002) ref: 395506/01/201714/01/2017Call-in expired
Public Consultation on Proposal to change Plumstead Manor School from single sex to co-educational ref: 395309/01/201714/01/2017Call-in expired