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Cabinet Member Update Report - Social Mobility

Members to note the update on the development and delivery of the Council’s Social Mobility agenda.




The Panel received an update report on the Council’s Social Mobility agenda, introduced by the Councillor Averil Lekau, Cabinet Member for Adult’s Social Care, Health and Anti-Poverty.


In response to questions raised, the Cabinet Member reiterated to the Panel that the development of the Social Mobility Strategy would be supported by a delivery plan with 8 thematic areas as follows:

1.               Improving digital skills and access

2.              Improving financial resilience

3.              Improving opportunities and skills for children and young people

4.              Support for SME growth and development

5.              Supporting unemployed and underemployed people into effective employment

6.              Improve health and wellbeing by supporting the development local community networks and support structures

7.              Build more social and affordable homes and improve the quality of housing in the Borough

8.              Help at home

Naomi Goldberg, Director of Strategy at Metro GAVS addressed the meeting, and commented on the proposed 8 themes,  as outlined in Annex 1 to these Minutes.


In response to questions raised, the Director of Strategy at Metro GAVS advised the Panel that her understanding of the concept of “social mobility” revolved in the idea that people’s quality of live would be improved.  Thus, economic prosperity and resilience would be vital if residents were to experience rewarding and fulfilling lives.  The Director stated that clarification was however required on how partnership would be implemented, and the level of support that would be required from the voluntary sector in helping residents to access local services.  It was stated that  Metro GAVS’s would particularly welcome provisions to enable gays, young people in isolation and experiencing mental ill health and autism, including those requiring parenting support access to services in ways to improve their economic prosperity and wellbeing.  


Gilles Cabon, Chief Executive Officer at Greenwich’s Inclusion Project (GrIP), also addressed the meeting.  The contributions made to the report are outlined in Annex 2 of these Minutes.  It was stated that from GrIP’s perspective, the concept of social mobility strategy should be informed by a clear analysis of the cumulative impact of racial and/or faith inequality of opportunity.


In response to further questions, the Cabinet Member advised the Panel that although the term “social mobility” appeared to present a broad-brush in terms of its definition, the concept remained linked to the Council’s objectives in delivering services for the benefit of its residents.  It was stated that the work started in 2016 with the Council’s anti-poverty strategy, which was informed by contributions from a steering group which was established to address poverty and inequality in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  Thereafter, a mapping exercise was undertaken alongside the recommendations from the Fairness Commission.  It was stated that the exercises included contributions from cross-party working group, departments and external partners.


The Cabinet Member pointed out that the current work comprised of working groups with a mandate to develop a set of actions and recommendations to inform the final delivery plan, prior to submitting the draft Social Mobility strategy for consideration by Cabinet in the new year.  Thus, contributions from across departments, local organisations, agencies and groups continued to remain a source of information to refine and revise the strategic objectives for the benefit of local people.


On behalf of the Panel, the Chair, Councillor Clive Mardner thanked the Director of Strategy at Metro GAVS, and the Chief Executive Officer at GrIP for their contributions at the meeting.


The Panel noted submissions made at the meeting and


Resolved –


That the Cabinet Member of Adult’s Social care, Health and Anti-Poverty’s update report on the development and delivery of the Council’s Social Mobility agenda, be noted.

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